What is Sansbank?

Sansbank, an alternative lending platform, makes it easy for property owners to connect with every day investors to tap into the most stable recurring revenue sources in the world to grow wealth.

Our features

For Borrowers

Revenue-based Lending

For multi-unit property owners with profitable assets

Non-restrictive Financing

Efficient growth capital without restrictions on use of funds


We turn future cash flow into an immediate cash advance

For Investors

Enhanced Diversification

Gain access to recurring revenue and real estate assets

Progressive, Passive Income

Low entry point, stable, monthly returns and passive income

Non-Accredited, HNIs, and Institutions

Start investing with as little as $100 and receive 4%-12% IRR

Strategic Partners

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“Serving on the board means that my bet is not only on technology and blockchain advances that will affect Commercial Real Estate but also on the leadership team that will ensure this innovation takes shape and scales. Working with Sansbank will ensure that Sperry CRE remains at the forefront of innovation.”

Sam Suzuki, CEO of Sperry Capital Markets

“As an LA Native, I see the immediate value that is being created not only for local businesses but also for the average investor to build their wealth intelligently. Sansbank is not only a vehicle for greater inclusion and economic empowerment for everyday investors but also an invaluable asset for property owners to grow their portfolios. Being a part of the launchpad before these assets globalize is a privilege and I encourage everyone to come aboard.”

Richard Walden, CEO of Operation USA

“One of the greatest opportunities for high value properties in the United States is Southern California. As a local tinkerer in technology, blockchain, and real estate - I found Sansbank to be a compelling proposition as an investor, advisor, and property owner personally. It is a smart, pragmatic way to leverage stablecoins and fractionalization. I believe blockchain communities need Sansbank to lead the way in CRE alternative financing and that commercial real estate needs Sansbank to successfully adopt innovation at scale.”

Jade Charles, Founder & CTO of Penumbra Labs

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Sansbank. Sansbank is using our white label solution for their tokenization and investor relations to enable them to focus on delivering an amazing product experience while we ensure sound blockchain integration. We believe Sansbank’s approach to revolutionizing commercial real estate lending and investment moves the industry forward towards democratization.”

Claas Skaaning, CEO, DigiShares