Sansbank’s mission is to democratize commercial real estate investing to allow anyone to receive passive income.

How It Works

In a time of unparalleled need for innovation, Sansbank is on a mission to revolutionize property monetization and democratize real estate investing. Sansbank is a double-sided platform that connects property owners wishing to monetize their properties with investors seeking asset-backed returns.

Get capital today

Through an innovative cash flow tokenization process, Sansbank grants property owners cash advances against future profits without the need for significant collateral. Property owners receive capital and maintain equity.

Get passive income

Investors participate in the offering by lending $100 tokens that grant them fractionalized monthly preferred return payments. Upon term expiry, the token is burned and the principal returned to the lender. Investors earn interest and principal with flexible liquidity options.



Sansbank is designed and built by innovators in technology, real estate, finance, product, sales, philanthropy, and law.

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  • Sam Suzuki
    Co-Founder & CEO, Sperry Capital
  • Jade Charles
    Co-Founder & CEO, Penumbra Labs
  • Richard Walden
    Co-Founder & CEO, Operation USA